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The KN95 Protective mask carry 4 layers of protection.

Why do we have to use KN95 Mask?

Flu Prevention. Protection of haze. Dust isolation. Electronic chemical engineering. Mining industry. Food processing.

- KN95 protection level, Layer by layer filtration to isolate pollution, high efficiency dust resistant
-4D breathable space, comfortable breathing
- Adjustable nose clip strip, no scraping & air leakage prevention,tightly fit the face & filter well
- Skin Friendly Antibacterial Non-woven Fabric, moistureproof & non irritating that face won't be tied by the mask
- Application: dust isolation, electronic chemical engineering, mining industry, food processing, daily trip

Wear time:

  • Please follow all guidelines set by the CDC for wear time of KN95 Masks
  • We cannot recommend any official amount of time the masks can be worn

Can the masks be reused?: 

  • Please follow all guidelines set by the CDC for reuse recommendations of KN95 Masks
  • We cannot recommend an official number of uses per each mask 

For more information please visit the CDC Links:


**Due to the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, we CANNOT accept any returns for masks.**